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The Island Agency's services are tailor made to our client's needs. Bespoke in fashion, our services are derived after careful analysis of our clients' needs.  When we take on client issues, we are certain to examine all aspects of the issues.


At The Island Agency, we have provided strategic and germane counsel to a breadth of projects in New York City, Hawaiʻi and Tokyo. The industries we have consulted vary from Hotels, Airlines, NGOs, Embassies, Educational Institutions and many more.


The Island Agency's client list ranges in industry and services. We have provided accurate and strategic counsel to all of our clients. Our clients trust in our judgement and counsel.


The Island Agency is built upon proven communications and design solutions to produce valuable and relevant results. A collaborative of decades of experience in niche marketing and branding expertise, The Island Agency’s counsel is fortified with services in strategic communications, public and government relations, United Nations counsel, advertising and design.

Our breadth of experiences and success spans the Pacific Ocean to the East Coast; our approaches and applications are global.

A collective of public relations, design, advertising and government relations professionals, The Island Agency’s strategies have combined experience of nearly six decades. Based in New York City and Honolulu, the creative and strategic collaborative combines the finesse of Island sensibilities and sensitivities with cutting edge urban savvy to achieve diplomatic and calculated results through the most current and inventive practices anchored by traditional industry methods.

Joining together the consultancy’s multicultural backgrounds, global work experiences and proven track records, The Island Agency commits to providing exceptional outcomes.


NYC | Headquarters

244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2029

New York, NY 10001

Tel: 212-726-2515

HNL | Office

1050 Bishop Street, #507

Honolulu, HI 96813

Tel: 808-589-7367

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