State Legislators Pause To Support Hawai‘i Says NO MORE Week

HONOLULU, Hawai‘i – The respective bodies of the state legislature paused after their regular session today, to participate in the Hawai‘i Says NO MORE Week challenge. Organized by the Women’s Legislative Caucus, legislators from around the state held up the NO MORE placards with handwritten statements like, “NO MORE ‘Eha” (Hawaiian for sadness and hurt) and “NO MORE Bullying”. State Representative Della Au Belatti, one of the organizers for State House members said, "today's recognition by lawmakers of Hawai‘i Says NO MORE is important in breaking the social stigma surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault in Hawai‘i. As a community, we stand together to say no more to violence and s

Joyful Heart Foundation, Non-Profit Organizations and Government Agencies Launch Hawai‘i Says NO MOR

HONOLULU, Hawai‘i – Two years ago, the Joyful Heart Foundation joined 14 of Hawai‘i’s leading government and non-profit organizations to launch Hawai‘i Says NO MORE, a collaboration of individuals, programs, and organizations around Hawaiʻi who are taking action to increase awareness and visibility to prevent and end domestic violence and sexual assault. Since then, Hawai‘i Says NO MORE has raised awareness about this violence across the state and encouraged public discussions to break the silence, shame, and stigma surrounding these issues. As Rick Blangiardi, General Manager of Hawai‘i News Now and one of the 23 participants in the Hawai‘i Says NO MORE PSA campaign, said regarding our resp

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