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Native Hawaiian Election Candidates Form Diverse Collective


‘Aha Candidates Launch Campaigns with a Hui of Candidates Called Nā Makalehua

HONOLULU, Hawai‘i ­– October 20, 2015 – The upcoming Native Hawaiian Election, with Native Hawaiian candidates from across Hawai‘i and the U.S. continent, has motivated a group of young Native Hawaiians to form a collective. The group – Nā Makalehua – consists of 19 diverse individuals who seek a delegate seat to participate in the Na‘i Aupuni facilitated convention. They have committed to each other and their communities to abide by a set of values and principles that will guide how they engage in the work ahead.

“We each have different goals for the upcoming ‘aha and different ideas about how to best resolve the issues facing Native Hawaiians, but we have agreed to respect each others’ views and engage in a form of diplomacy that we feel is required by our communities, our families and this process,” said Anthony Melvin Makana Paris, a member of the coalition and a candidate seeking an O‘ahu seat.

Amy Kalili, a candidate seeking a Hawai‘i island seat, continued by saying, “we stand together, in aloha, as a new generation of humble and prepared warriors, to use this moment as an opportunity before us to ho‘oholomua our lāhui and fullfill our kuleana.”

The election will be held throughout the month of November 2015. For more information about Nā Makalehua and their candidates, visit

Nā Makalehua is comprised of the following candidates:

1. Catelin Aiwohi, U.S. Continent

2. Zuri Aki, O‘ahu

3. Nā‘ālehu Anthony, O‘ahu

4. ‘Olu Campbell, Maui

5. Jocelyn Doane, O‘ahu

6. Tyler Gomes, O‘ahu

7. Kaniela Ing, Maui

8. Matthew Ka‘aihue, O‘ahu

9. Amy Kalili, Hawai‘i Island

10. Dreanalee Kalili, O‘ahu

11. Adrian Kamali‘i, O‘ahu

12. Keoni Kuoha, O‘ahu

13. Kūhiō Lewis, O‘ahu

14. Shane Palacat-Nelsen, Hawai‘i Island

15. Anthony Melvin Makana Paris, O‘ahu

16. Davis Price, O‘ahu

17. Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, O‘ahu

18. Rebecca Justine ‘Iolani Soon, O‘ahu

19. Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, O‘ahu

About Nā Makalehua |

Nā Makalehua is a collective of young Native Hawaiians, who have committed as a collective to participate in the Na‘i Aupuni governance ‘aha. As a collective, Nā Makalehua members have agreed to abide by the values and principles that will guide how they engage in their work and approach: ‘auamo kuleana (fulfill responsibility), ho‘āno pu‘uhonua (honor our safe zone), ho‘ōla ho‘opa‘apa‘a (perpetuate a Hawaiian approach to discourse and debate), mālama pilina (nurture relationships), me ka ho‘okō kapu aloha (abide by a code of deep respect). With the charge and blessing of mentors and kūpuna, these leaders stand together, as a new generation of humble and prepared warriors, to use this moment as an opportunity to ho‘oholomua (to move forward) their lāhui and fulfill their kuleana.

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